Work Study

Work Study

General Work Study Information

Work study is a part-time employment program (approximately 10-20 hours per week) that is awarded to eligible students. Jobs are available with both on and off-campus employers. There are two types of work study: need-based and non-need-based work study.

Work study is a subsidized employment program. The employer only pays a portion of the student employee's hourly rate while state, federal, or institutional funding pays the remainder of the student's wage. Naturally, work study student employees are in high demand due to the reduced cost of their employment. You only receive a work study award as you earn it in a specific work study job. Please be aware that work study earnings are taxable income.

All university departments may hire work study student employees. Additionally, the university has signed contracts with over seventy off-campus agencies. These off- campus agencies are governmental or private non-profit agencies.

Students may only have one work study job per semester. If they quit or are terminated during the semester, they may not get another work study job until the following semester.

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