Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions - Student Employees

What is work study?
How do I qualify for work study?
Can I get a job if I don't have work study?
How do I get a job?
When will Fall, Spring, and Summer jobs be posted?
Can SEAN's also help me find a place to volunteer?
Once I'm hired for a job, what do I do?
How much do student employees earn per hour?
I have completed my New Hire Paperwork with my campus employer. Where do I bring it?
Are work study earnings taxable?
Can I have more than one work study job per semester?
Do I have to work the same job for more than one semester?
Can I work in the summer even if I'm not taking classes?
What happens if I work over the amount of my work study award?
Which trainings are required of student employees and where can I take them?
Where can I change my address, name, or emergency contact?
I currently work on campus and I found a second job here. Must I complete all of the New Hire Paperwork again?
I had a job on campus last semester. Do I have to fill out New Hire Paperwork again?
What happens if I am injured on the job?
Where can I fill out the FAFSA, what is the priority deadline and what is the UCCS school code?
When are W-2's (for taxes) mailed?
What if I haven't received my W-2?
What is No-Need work study; when do I apply, and when is it awarded?
I'm confused about how student employment works! How can I get more information?